1. Main domestic clients
China Daqing Oilfield, 5 million tons/year oil refining project and 80,000 tons/year,240,000 tons/year carbinol project.
China Urumchi Petroleum&Chemical Co., 300,000 tons/year,compound ammonia project,520,000 tons/year carbamide project,2 sets.
China Nanjing Chemical Co. 300,000 tons/year compound ammonia and 520,000 tons/year carbamide project.
China Petroleum Tuha Oilfield, 80,000 tons/year carbinol project and 240,000 tons/year carbinol project.
China Petroleum Talimu,2.6million tons/year oil refining project.
China Urumchi Petroleum&Chemical Co.,300,000tons/year compound fertilizer project.
China Urumchi Petroleum&Chemical Co.,30,000 tons/year melamine project.
China Petroleum Jilin,26,000tons/year carbon dioxide project.
China Petroleum Sudan 2.6million tons/year oil refining project.
China Petroleum&Chemical Yangtse, 300,000tons/year ethene project.
China Petroleum&Chemical Yangtse Pakistan,800,000tons/year ethene project.
China Petroleum&Chemical Nanjing Huayang, 100,000~200,000tons/year carbon dioxide purification project.
America Delta-T Guangzhou,60,000tons/year polypropylene global project.
Germany Basf Shanghai,200,000tons/year chemical products project.
Germany Degussa Shanghai,380,000tons/year polyester project.
Germany BASF-China Petroleum&Chemica joint venture Yangtse-Basf IPS project.
Germany Shanghai Bayer,polymer 115million tons/year LDA project,1st term.
Japan DIC Nantong,38,000tons/year pigments and printing ink project.
Japan DIC Changzhou 8001 new material polymerization tin area project.
Japan Kao Shanghai,3000tons/year lube project.
Japan Beixing Zhangjiagang 2000tons/year TPP project.
Israel DSBG Shangdong Weifang,30,000 tons/year bromid further process project.
Israel Shangdong Weifang SBCL project.
France L O REAL Suzhou, 16,000tons/year cosmetic project.
Switzerland Novartis Suzhou pharmacy project.
Export to USA,1,100 million gallon ethanol project.
Export to Iran MSC 25,000tons/year benzene anhydride project.

2 .Main foreign clients
USA Clients: Delta-T Corporation Manning & Lewis Engineering Company, DuPont, 3M, Bechtel, Fluor Daniel;
Japan Clients: DIC, Hokko, Mitsubishi Rayon, Kao;
Germany Clients: Basf, Bayer, Degussa, Lanxess ,Wacher;
Switzerland Clients: Novartis , Syngenta;
French Clients: L'O REAL , Total, Technip;
Italy Clients: Radici
Israel Clients: Israel DSBG
Netherlands Clients: AKZO NOBEL, Shell
And other countries: Korea, Singapore, Brazil, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Syria, Oman, Pakistan, Turkey, UAE and so on.

Our company took a part in the 1st national complete set of fertilizer, Zhenhai Petroleum&Chemical 300,000 tons compound ammonia,520,000 tons urea project. Obtained the honorary credential confirmed by Premier Li Peng and prized by the State Council Leading Team for Key Technological Equipment.

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