Manufacture and Inspection Equipments

Our company is equipped with over 1,200 sets of equipment in all kinds of forming,machining,welding and inspecting etc. Mainly are:

1. Welding equipments: SAW,18 sets.
    All-wave tube head automatic impulse argon welder equipment,5 sets.
    Panasonic argon welder equipment,74 sets.
    Panasonic GMAW equipment,10 sets.
    AC welder equiment, 34 sets.
    Computer overlay welder with pole equipment,5 sets.
    Hydraulic pipe expander euipment,5 sets.

2 .Cutting equipments: 11 sets in total.
    Including: Semiautomatic cutting equipment, 9 sets.
    Glass-lined nozzle automatic cutting welding robots,1 set.
    Thick wall vessel nozzle automatic cutting welding robot,1 set.
    12m edge planer,2 sets
    USA Hypertherm 6mX21m numerical controlled stainless steel
    Specialized underwater plasma cutting machine,1 set.
    Imported numerical controlled gantry flame cutting machine(6mX12m),1 set.

3 .Plate bender: 10 sets, cold rolling with maximum thickness up to 16mm,20mm,25mm,30mm,60mm,120mm,including 2 sets of    stainless steel specialized plate benders.

4. Electric kilns: 4 sets electric kilns with various kinds. Including: 3 sets for Glass-lined production, the maximum cubage    is up to 60m3, which is the biggest in China at present.
   1 set for heat treatment. And 2 sets of 6mX5.5m shot blast treatment rooms.

5. Crane equipments: 38 sets of cranes with various kinds(the biggest can lift up to maximum 400 tons). Personal water port    which can lift up to maximum 150 tons.

6. Machining equipments:
  6.1Lathe: dia.6.3m,1 set. dia.3.7m,1 set. dia.2.5m,1 set,dia.1.7m,1 set.
       5mX10m heat exchanger tube plate airproof horizontal miller,1 set.
       Omnipotent miller,1 set.
       Grinding machine,1 set.
       Horizontal boring lathe,2 sets
  6.2 Drilling press: Dia.3.0m, dia.5.0m heat exchanger tube plate mutil-drill numerical controlled machine, 2 sets.
       Dia.35mm radial drilling machine,2 sets.
       Dia.50mm radial drilling machine,4 sets.
       Dia.63mm radial drilling machine,1 sets.
       Dia.80mm radial drilling machine,1 sets.
       500 tons oil pressure machine,1 set.
       400 tons pressure machine,1 set.
       250 tons piercing press,1 set.
       Others,8 sets.

7.Detectors: 5 Detection rooms, including the biggest one dia.6mX30m.
       Detectors,25 sets. Including: X-radial detector,12 sets,
       Circumferential X-radial detector,5 sets,
       Ultrasonic detector,3 sets,
       Magnetic detector,4 sets,
       Gama-radial detector,1 set.
       (The company has its own NDE company, and the right to carry external NDE business, the company has 31 inspectors,        including 3 inspectors with lever III, 23 with lever II and 6 with lever I.)

8 .Inspecting facilities:50 sets of various kinds of inspecting facilities.
       Including: universal material testing machine,2 sets,
       Impact test machine(minimum impact temperature: -190), 2 sets,
       Computer carbon-sulfur digital display express analyzer,1 set,
       Metallographic mircoscope, 2 sets.
       V type gap projector, 1 set.
       Brinell triple-function table type sclerometer,1 set,
       USA NITON X fluorescence spectrum metallic element quantitative testing instrument,1 set.
       German Porcelain thickness testing instrument,1 set, high voltage testing instrument.1 set.
       Electrooptic Balance, 3 sets.
       Spectrophotometer,1 set,
       Ferrite detecting instrument, 1 set.
       Roughmeter, 1 set.
       Other instruments, over 40 sets.


35000mm6000mm Heat treatment furnace
The Bigger Rolling Machine and thickness up to 120mm.(We have total over 10 sets thickness is 60mm,35mm,30mm etc. all kinds of rolling machines)
The multi-drill special numerical control machine in drilling tubesheet (5M3M Two sets)
The USA NITon PMI Instrument
Personal Water-Port directly to Shanghai Port (Shipping capacity: Diameter 6m, Weight 200T. )
The 2 sets 200T bigger Cranes in No.1 Vessel workshop
The multi-drill special numerical control machine in drilling baffles
The multi-drill special numerical control machine in drilling tubesheet (5M3M Two sets)
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